Monday, June 2, 2008


Chris Lee said...

nice drawings i like the first one best.
but i believe first one is a bit hard to say caricature if it is

anywas yo are u guys opening the group blog to public?
i can't wait to see u guys paintings
i heard u and levi is getting behind a bit lol

Chris Lee said...

ya and i think it'll also motivate u guys too

Jurffy said...
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Jeffrey Jing-hei Cheung 章正熙 said...

I still envy your ability to caricature so well!

Ari. said...

jeff!! these are so nice!

Grillou said...

i like the faces you make
as in the one on the paper

wesley blondin-doan has a blog

(ps: this is it)

Lwang said...

weee caricaturezzzzz =)